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Restaurant Staff Uniforms That Serve Your Hospitality Establishment

What’s a good standard for restaurant staff uniforms

Let’s start with a broader question – what’s the standard set up for any restaurant? A table, plate couple of glass options and a knife and fork? Even that’s been turned on its head as the hospitality industry chases daring dining concepts to give foodies an instagrammable dining experience.

That said, a classic option is a long or short sleeved shirt, which can be dressed up or down, is a great pairing for a bib apron, and is airy so your team don’t get hot and flustered on that unexpectedly busy Friday lunchtime. 

Giving your restaurant staff uniform a unique flavour

Even the classic options are far from standard, as we can embroider your choice of restaurant staff uniform with your logo and colours. If you are looking a for something a little more “out there” as a starting point, we’ve got your back. Or, more specifically, we’ve got the shirt on your staff’s back. 

Our suppliers have a vast array of options, so if you don’t see the glow in the dark-t-shirt for your dark dining culinary adventure, just let us know, and we’ll get it sorted. The world of uniforms is your butter-and-herb-baked oyster. 

Your restaurant staffing set up

If your chefs are burrowed away in a closed kitchen, you might be less inclined to worry about the style of their overalls than if it’s an open prep space, visible to your customers. 

Also, if you have it in your mind that you want waiting staff in a light colour, but their remit extends to the kitchen where there will be sauce and suds flying around, a spattered top is not going to give a good impression. 

In that case, it would be better to have them in a dark colour that’s not going to show up a bit of tomato sauce. If your restaurant staff are collecting plates from a serving hatch, you more likely to get away with a pristine white shirt. 

The unsung heros of the hospitality trade – the apron

Give your restaurant staff uniforms the pocket space and stain-shielding capabilities of the not-so-humble apron. Having these on standby can allow your staff a quick refresh, for those times when a parent dashing after a wayward toddler, accidentally knocks a full plate of spaghetti into them.

Our hard-wearing aprons can take a pretty punishing lunchtime shift in their stride, and because we can embroider your logo rather than print, it’ll still come out strong after regular washing.  

Ready to get started on your restaurant staff uniform design? 

Our in-house design team can piece together exactly what you’re looking for, so you can visualise the final outcome before we get started customising your garments to fit your team, and your restaurant.

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