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Coffee Shop Uniforms – What to Wear As A Barista

Individualism vs. Full uniform – which is for you?

With barista bib aprons, polo shirts, t-shirts and more all waiting to be stamped with your brand, the question you might want to ask yourself is how far do you want to go with your uniform? Coffee shops, by their very nature, are a home from home; a place where people go to relax, read or chat while enjoying their brew of choice.

In which case, you might want to consider allowing your coffee shop staff to where their own clothes, and tie it all together with an apron. With limitless colour options and custom embroidery, you can be sure this look will be anything but ordinary, but will give your customers the relaxed vibe they came for, and make your staff feel more at home too.

Take a look at the different options of a full bib apron, which is best suited for this half-uniform half-own-clothes blend. A good tee is hard to come by, and you don’t want your team ruining their own clothes in the line of coffee-making duties!

Do you want your coffee shop uniform to look traditional or contemporary?

The craft of a barista is long-established, so you might want to look at the typical aprons that come with the milk-steaming territory. Then again, maybe you don’t – and you want coffee-shop uniforms that bring something fresh to the counter, like your Biscoff latte.

Even something as subtle as the dungaree style clips on the barista apron with it’s cross back style can be a statement piece, and the favoured block contrast of a branded polo shirt under a different shade apron is always a classic combo, for good reason. Just like an americano, these things never go out of style – even if you do flirt briefly with a long black.

What lengths are you willing to go to?

Space can be tight behind a coffee shop counter, and you don’t want your coffee shop staff to be hindered as they pivot from coffee machine to card machine during the 8.30am rush. Think about the length of your apron, and whether you’d like adjustable straps.

Or, you could go one better and give your team ultimate flexibility with the 2-in-1 apron. Is it a bib, or waist apron? The wearer decides, but either way, it has handy pockets.

Get your name out there with custom embroidery

Of course, you’ll likely want your roasted fairtrade Columbian bean to take centre stage, and ensure your mugs are insta-snappable. But make your name stand out, and allow your talented, friendly and hard-working team to wear your badge of honour on their coffee-shop uniforms.

Take full advantage of our custom embroidery service, where we’ll mock up your designs so you can get a flavour of what to expect, before we get to work on your perfect coffee shop uniform.

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